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 Cayle Films ~ "I Am Home"
1998 48 min. Produced and Directed by Cayle Chernin

 First public screening Oct. Cape Town International Film Festival
 Broadcast Vision TV, WTN

From Toronto to Tel Aviv, from Broolyn to Borisov, Beilorussia, this is a story of rediscovery and of a family finding each other after being divided by historical persecution. In the summer of 1991, Cayle Chernin received a letter from Russia containing an early photograph of her father, Great Grandmother, and a man who was identified as her father's youngest brother, Great Uncle Brois Chernin, believed dead after his incarceration in Siberia after World War II.

This letter would take Cayle on a personal journey from a family reunion in Cape Breton to new found cousins in Brooklyn, to Israel, where one branch of the Russian family had emigrated, and finally to far away Borisov, the home of the Chernin ancestors.

This is the story of immigrants, forced from one county to take up residence in a new world. It is the story of a craving for roots. It is the story of what happens when walls come tumbling down world wide and when borders change that celebrates heritage and survival in spite of the odds. This personal journey reflects the experience of people world wide. We find and lose each other, over and over. This is a story about finding ourselves.

I Am Home - Extended Edition

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I Am Home VHS Cover

Cayle with Russian Relatives
I Am Home Review I Am Home Review Lifeline Letter
I Am Home
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