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The Bedside Alice
A novel - streaming consciousness c. 1972

Follow My Car
Goin' Down the Road Revisited
A Canadian Actor in Italy
The Lorraine Sinclair Story
My Russian Relatives


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 Recent ProjectsUpdated 19.12.08

  Autumn Works Reading Series
Sunday November 9th at 7:00 pm

by Taylor Sutherland
A story about gritty mind games and mentorship, where violence bubbles just beneath the surface
With Cayle Chernin, Greta Papageorgiu, Ross McKie,
Shaun McComb, Justin Friesen

Location: The Lower Ossington Theatre
100A Ossington (just north of Queen St.)
Pay What You Can: $10 suggested.

for the upcoming Actra Toronto Members Conference, Sunday Nov 2nd


Regent Park Film Festival RPFF 
Professional 3D LIVE ANIMATION FILM WORKSHOP  Saturday & Sunday, November 1st & 2nd.
2 day Film Workshop will create a 30-minute animated film mixing greenscreen techniques with performance with Cayle Chernin, acclaimed Canadian producer, writer and actor and filmmaker Jason J. Brown. The final result will screen at the Regent Park Closing Ceremony: an animated film using participants as actors in the historic and future world of Regent Park.

November 5-8, 2008
415 Gerrard St. E. 2nd floor, Toronto 

Contact: Richard Fung
Festival Manager
1(416) 450-8059



Actra Conference
June 18

#2 The Anatomy of a TIP Film - This Beautiful City.
Scenes from This Beautiful City 2008 ACTRA Award winners: Caroline Cave and actor/producer Aaron Poole, along with producer Lee Kim and Ed Gass-Donnelly screen selected scenes from This Beautiful City. Hear how actors took action and how using TIP (Toronto Indie Production) they creatively went from proposal to post production. Moderated by actor/producer Cayle Chernin

 TIP tips from the folks who made it happen and those who helped them get there. Alison Reid, producer/director: Making Babies,(The Baby Formula)Brigitte Kingsley, producer/actor Dark Rising, and YuvalDaniel, writer/ director Teddy Bear are joined on a panel by TIP coordinator Tasso Lakas. Get the 411 on how these wildly different, yet successful TIP films were made and are currently being marketed, distributed and promoted. You too can make a TIP film! Cayle Chernin moderated

At the October WILDsound Screenplay Event, the 1st ACT of "MY KHRUSHCHEV SEPTEMBER" by Martin Lager was read with the two other winning screenplays. Then the audience voted online and it was the winner of the 1st ACT Screenplay Challenge. "My Khrushchev September" will now be read in its entirety at WILDsound's event on Wednesday, December 19th at 7 p.m. at the National Film Board Theatre, 150 John Street, in the heart of the Entertainment District, Toronto, Ontario.

Benefit for the Actors Fund at PAL. Condor Productions presents Love, Sex, Power, War Tuesday, November 6, 7 pm, Sunday, November 11, 3 pm & 7 pm

Car Lady & Bike Girl has been selected to appear at film festivals in Patras, Greece and in Calgary, Canada. Two women –one rich, one definitely not- head on a collision course of chemicals, class and cash. They end up swapping more than paint! It will be playing at the Fringe Festival in Calgary on August 16th, 2007, 4:30 PM and at the International Panorama of Independent Film and Video in Greece (no.146)

LITTLE RED THEATRE presents The Legend of the White Wolf at the PALMERSTON LIBRARY THEATRE, 560 Palmerston Avenue (Bathurst and Bloor) Saturday July 21 @ 2:00 PM, Mon - Friday July 23 - 27 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM (no show Thursday PM) $11 for adults / $9 for children. Suitable for ages 4 - 12. For info and reservations: (416) 533-8848

Mea Culpa’s latest production is a thought-provoking, high-caliber performance of Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Donald Margulies’ “Collected Stories,”
May 23rd through to Sunday, June 3rd at the Tarragon Theatre.
Collected Stories” is a dynamic two-woman drama that constructs and then tears apart the relationship between a creative-writing mentor and her too apt protégée.

Next !!!WILDsound Film Festival
Where: Toronto's National Film Board
(150 John Street, Toronto)
When: 04.24.07 at 7pm
April's Film Festival will be Moderated by
Toronto Film Critic NORMAN WILNER
and 1st film in the line-up is
, CAN, 9min,
Dir ~ Alan Powell

"Lighthouse Keeper's Wife"
is a 22 minute live action/animation experimental film that uses Actors performing in 3 D animated surroundings, a Study in Perspectives: The hyper reality juxtaposition of the two Worlds.

Co-produced with Michael Mortensen
!!! WILDsound Film Festival
 ~ 01.17.07 - 7pm
NFB Cinema, 150 John St., Toronto
Nominated Best Experimental ~ FeFF 2006
LTL is a Wicked People fable from
Low Resolution Films | Herky Jerky Pictures

DON'T MISS Dwight McFee in
Mourning Dove ~ Oct 19 - Nov 12, 2006
at Kitchener's Theatre and Company:

Congratulations from The Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival. LETTER TO LIZA has been invited to screen at the 14th annual festival
 ~ 11.14.06 - 1.30 pm
 ~ 11.17.06 - 1.00 pm
Joseph Workman Theatre
1001 Queen Street West, Toronto
LTL is a Wicked People fable from
Low Resolution Films | Herky Jerky Pictures

Cayle Chernin in CAR LADY & BIKE GIRL
!!! ComFest Film Festival 2006
 ~ 10.01.06 - 3:55pm
  Market Square Rainbow Cinemas (TO)

Cayle Chernin in FAMILY PRACTICE
!!! FutureShorts Film Festival 2006
 ~ 08.24.06 - 7:00pm
Bloor Cinema Click Here
!!! DC Shorts Film Festival 2006
 ~ 09.16.06 - 2:00pm
The Canada B screening at the Canadian Embassy ~ Washington, DC USA

Previous Posts

Written and Performed by Charles Hayter
Directed by Dwight McFee & Cayle Chernin
Dramaturgy by Judith Thompson
Hair & Makeup Design by Sam-Kyoon Ha
!!!  Salon Media Lab (TO)
 ~ 07.14.06 Click here for details.

Cayle Chernin in CAR LADY & BIKE GIRL
!!! 5th Anniversary Female Eye Film Festival
 ~ 06.15.06 - 6:00pm NFB Cinema (TO)
 ~ 06.17.06 - 8:00pm Bloor Cinema (TO)
 ~ 06.18.06 - 7:00pm NFB Cinema (TO)
Best Short Short Award ~ FeFF 2006

Still from Car Lady and Bike Girl
Still from "Car Lady & Bike Girl"

Co-produced with Michael Mortensen
!!! 5th Anniversary Female Eye Film Festival
 ~ 06.15.06 - 8:00pm NFB Cinema (TO)
Nominated Best Experimental ~ FeFF 2006

Cayle Chernin in TEA WITH MOTHER
Teaser for Michael Mortensen's WICKED PEOPLE, a NEW anthology series. Co-produced with Michael Mortensen & Leslie Ann Coles.
!!! 5th Anniversary Female Eye Film Festival
 ~ 06.17.06 - 4:00pm NFB Cinema (TO)

Cayle Chernin in FAMILY PRACTICE
!!! The Canadian Filmmakers Festival
 ~ 03.26.06 - 2:30pm Cineplex Odeon Carlton
For more visit

Visit for information regarding the multi-discipline performance project Michael Mortensen's WICKED PEOPLE.

Demo Reels Now Online! Click Here.

Premiere Reading of "The Circle Eternal."
Click Here.

Lorraine Sinclair in THE FOOL
!!! Premier Screening: Oct. 18, 2005
!!! Rebelfest International Film Festival (Toronto)
 ~ 09.11.05 - 5:30pm at Innis Town Hall
For more visit:

Cayle Chernin in LEO
!!! 2005 Toronto International Film Festival
 ~ 09.10.05 - 9:00am at the ROM
 ~ 09.15.05 - 8:30pm at the Varsity
by Jerome McNicholl

Click to view full PDF

Still from "Car Lady & Bike Girl"

Legend of the White Wolf
Poster from "Lengend of the White Wolf"

Meaculpa Productions
Poster from "Collected Stories"

Family Practice
Still from "Family Practice"

Letter to Liza
Still from "Letter to Liza"

Tea With Mother
Still from "Tea With Mother"

Click for The Lorraine Sinclair Story
Click picture above for "The Lorraine Sinclair Story"

Written and Performed by Aaron Berg
Directed by Dwight McFee
Creative Consultant ~ Mark Breslin
Cayle Chernin ~ Dramaturgical Consultant

15th Annual Toronto Summerworks Festival
Off-Broadway Bound ~ Autumn 2006
Click for Details

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