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The Bedside Alice
A novel - streaming consciousness c. 1972

Follow My Car
Goin' Down the Road Revisited
A Canadian Actor in Italy
The Lorraine Sinclair Story
My Russian Relatives


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The Princess of Selkirk

The Birthday

Collected Stories
Carlady and Bike girl PC version
Car Lady & Bike Girl

CFC Project
I Am Home | Clip 1 | Clip 2

In The Shadows
The Man Who Couldn't Lose | Clip 1 | Clip 2


The Cayle Chernin Award

The Cayle Chernin Award is presented annually to a female in the performing arts, alternating yearly between film and theatre. This award honors the creative energy and nurturing spirit of actress/documentary filmmaker Cayle Chernin who was "hard-wired to tell stories", and is made possible by the generosity of Cayle's loving and supportive colleagues, friends and family.

The award is an annual cash prize of $1000 to encourage a female artist in the performing arts. It will alternate between film (2012) and theatre (2013), and is intended to support an emerging or transitional artist's creation, development or production of a new work.

This year, the award is for theatre submissions: plays, musicals, dance, multi-disciplinary experimental work.
Deadline is Friday, April 5, 2013.

For more information or to submit your project, please go to

Dwight stars as The Warden at VIFF 2010
in an innovative 16-part series unfolding over
the course of the festival.
See daily episodes starting Sep 30 at


To all my beautiful friends!

To everyone who has sent their love and good wishes during my recent health issues, thank you so much for all your support (and hugs!) and I hope to see you all again soon.


The first project to be developed for distribution by Union Pictures, DOWN THE ROAD AGAIN is produced by Robin Cass and executive produced by Sandra Cunningham and Anna Stratton. DOP is Francois Dagenais and production design is by Jasna Stefanovic. Telefilm and the OMDC are financing partners.

Union Pictures is a production and distribution company founded in 2008. Working closely with filmmakers and content providers, Union Pictures develops, produces and releases commercially viable and critically acclaimed film & television projects into the Canadian and international marketplace.

Find out more:

Original Cast Stars In Sequel To Canadian Classic
Broadcaster Magazine
Sep 22, 2010 7:07 AM
Union Pictures has announced production on DOWN THE ROAD AGAIN, the sequel to Don Shebib's iconic GOIN' DOWN THE ROAD

Written and directed by Don Shebib, the film sees the return of the original cast Doug McGrath, Jayne Eastwood and Cayle Chernin who are joined by the next generation of Canadian talent including Kathleen Robertson (A Night for Dying Tigers, Hollywoodland), Anthony Lemke (The Listener, Rub & Tug, American Psycho) and Tedde Moore (It Runs in the Family, A Christmas Story).

DOWN THE ROAD AGAIN is the first film to be produced by Union Pictures since its inception in 2008. Principal photography begins September 27th, GOIN' DOWN THE ROAD is widely regarded as one of the best and most influential Canadian films of all time and has received considerable critical acclaim for its true-to-life performances. It has remained one of the top ten 10 films of all-time in industry polls since 1984 and has been publicly honoured with its own commemorative stamp by Canada Post.

Set some forty years after the original Canadian classic, DOWN THE ROAD AGAIN begins as Pete McGraw is retiring from his days as a Vancouver postie. With the news of his wayward life-long buddy Joey's demise, Pete finds himself the custodian of a series of letters, an envelope full of money and a plea from his late pal to head back east with his ashes with details of a special delivery along the way. DOWN THE ROAD AGAIN is a touching comedic and romantic tale of second chances at life and love. 

Cayle & Dwight's RattleBag Road Stories!


A feature film from Cayle Chernin and Andrew Faiz

part of
FREE public events

New Creations: Snapshots
by Serge Boucher
translated and adapted by Shelley Tepperman
directed by Jennifer Herszman Capraru

Bruce Beaton, Christine Brubaker, Dmitry Chepovetski, Cayle Chernin, Dov Mikelson, Paul Soles,
Julie Tepperman

On a beautiful August Saturday in the back yard of a bungalow, a family gathers to celebrate the oldest son's 40th birthday. The day and evening of storytelling, joking and bickering reveals eight lives in a family who love all wrong but love each other just the same. Shelley Tepperman reinvents Serge Boucher's hyper-realist hit, transposing it from a "pure laine" family in small-town Quebec to a working class Jewish family in the Niagara region.

Berkeley Street Theatre
26 Berkeley Street
Sunday May 16, 1 pm

(Toronto Actra Women's Committee)
February Actra Conference

Cayle and Joanna Bennet at The Actra Awards

Congratulations to
Glen Cram & Ron Hier
Their short film 2 Bucks Short came 8th in
Toronto Urban Film Festival!

(Eastern-European Independent Filmmakers Alliance)
Bloor Cinema (506 Bloor Street W., Toronto)
May 22, 2009 @ 7 P.M.  (Doors open 6:30)
Ticket info:
Click Eastern-European Nights Out

I Am Home

View Clip 1 | Clip 2

From Toronto to Tel Aviv, from Brooklyn to Borisov, Belorussia, this is a story of rediscovery and of a family finding each other after being divided by historical persecution. In the summer of 1991, I received a letter from Russia containing an early photograph of my father,  great-grandmother, and a man who was identified as my father's youngest brother, great-uncle Boris Chernin, believed dead after his incarceration in Siberia after World War II.

This letter would take me on a personal journey from a family reunion in Cape Breton to newfound cousins in Brooklyn, to Israel, where one branch of the Russian family had emigrated, and finally to far away Borisov, the home of the Chernin ancestors.


Cayle & Mother Beryl
at Tom Sandler's tribute to his Mother Ruth Sandler
who wrote "I'll Never Smile Again"

Photographer: Aline Sandler

(2006) - 7 min.

A Low Resolution Films | Herky Jerky Pictures Presentation
Producers: Michael Mortensen, Cayle Chernin
Writer: Michael Mortensen
Director: Jason J. Brown
Digital Design, Edit & Sound: Jason J. Brown
Composer: Gregory Lindo
Introducing: Lori Axler as Liza Macon
With: Dwight McFee as Reverend Macon

Synopsis: A young woman receives her father's
written response to her plea for haven.
This experimental drama places a live actor
into a computer-generated environment.

Read more:

See Letter To Liza now.

Lilya Prim-Chorney and Cayle at the launch of
Barbara Mercer's Echoes from Cabbagetown
Arts and Letters Club, October 21
photo by filmmaker Maarten Heilbron

Actra Toronto's Fall Members Conference

Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson
55 Dundas West, 7th Floor
Saturday Sep 26, 2009

Women Fully Clothed

Pride Play Reading
by Phil Pivnick
Thursday, June 25 at 7:30pm.
       "They thought it would be nice if their son came out for Sabbath dinner..."
2006 Canadian Jewish Playwriting Competition Winning Play
Directed by David Gale
With Cayle Chernin, Sascha Cole, Jack Newman,
Jordan Pettle, Gerry Salsberg
and David Tomlinson
Admission at the door: suggested donation $8
Sponsored by Entertainment One
With support from Kulanu Toronto,
An official Pride Toronto event
      Phone: 416 924 6211

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

My husband Dwight McFee performed in


at the Walmer Centre Theatre. Dwight has two Jessie awards, one for Body of work and one for Extremities from Vancouver, and relocated to Toronto 10 years ago.

~ Play Reading ~

The IncorriGible
Murray Greenbaum

A new play by Jacqueline Shayle Hallie

Set in 1920s Toronto, the audience journeys to a Jewish Steam Bath where Rabbis do battle; the back-alleys where "preeverts" and self righteous thieves hide; and the Victoria Industrial School where the Young Judea Club offers safety against unimaginable cruelty.

Where: Beth Emeth/Bais Yehuda Synagogue
(off of Wilmington Avenue)
When: Monday, June 22, 2009
Time: 6pm - 9pm

There was a talk-back session following the reading with the playwright and professional actors to help bring Murray's story from page to stage.

For more information:

 The article below is from
Actra Performers Magazine
Spring 2009 Conference Highlights


National President Ferne Downey, Cayle
and Tabby Johnson

ACTRA Council

Hello Out There, (to invoke a little Saroyan)

I am enthusiastically running for Actra Council. I have spent the last two years getting a real education in the workings of Actra by participating as an alternate for Council Members unable to attend a monthly meeting. I was thrilled at the brilliance and awareness of the actra councillors. No one sitting in on those sessions would ever say again that actors are children who don't have the capacity to make strong and informed decisions.

I had the pleasure of serving on numerous committees:

Actra Awards with Karen Ivany, we screened between us all the entries, and please do send in your candidates for exceptional performances this year. (You can include your own brilliant performances) This celebration of our Toronto Actors is an important way to recognize our work and built not a star system a la Americana but an appreciation of fine work and our place as actors in the voice and face of our Country. I chair and select the Awards Juries, so let me know if you are interested in serving. Karen produces the greatest party of the year when the Actra Awards hits the Carlu on February 19th.

Maybe you attended some of the panels and workshops I helped to create as part of David Gale's fantastic Conference Committee: TIP films and Successes, celebrating This Beautiful City; Crossing Over to Producing, Ingrid Venniger, Jennifer Jonas, Anne Tait and her Iron Road, Casting For Film; the super casting team of Jenny Lewis and Sara Kay, Tina Gerussi. Workshops with loving teacher/directors who nurture and develop us: Cold(Reads) with Miriam Laurence and the recent Gender bending scene study with Bernadette Jones, We were thrilled at the number of male actors who came along and participated in this experiment and joined in spirited discussion. Speaking of SPIRIT, who there at Spirit Synott's performance for us at the recent Actra Conference will ever forget the magic of her dance, or the discussion with the delightful Women Fully Clothed.

It was a joy to work with Theresa Tova, whose recent performance in the Diary of Anne Frank was superb! with the Act Your Age group... we actors never retire and the tireless energy of our older actors is an inspiration.

As co-Chair, with the inimitable Tabby Johnson, of TAWC Toronto Actra Women's Committee, newly reconstituted, we kicked off the amazing first ever 3 day conference with a three hour session and an opening unique ceremony. We now have two amazing women leaders in Heather Allin our new Actra President, from whom I inherited the TAWC Chair and the elegant, eloquent Ferne Downey, Actra National president. With TAWC, we want to change things up, create new avenues for success for Women, but as I always like to say when I say women, I include men, because of course woman embraces man! a variation on a saying used by Patrick Sinclair who some of you may remember as a beautiful actor in Toronto years ago.

I want to focus on making things happen, encouraging actra members to put their work out there, even if we have to do it ourselves. Always a proponent of "if you build it..." I have never gotten anything easily, have always worked against the odds... even Going Down The Road, when Don Shebib told me I didn't have the part of Selina because I had an American accent (the result of living next to Earnest Harmon Air Force Base as a child in Newfoundland. I went to vocal coach Charles Jordan, worked on the scenes to eliminate any Americanisms (how times have changed) and asked Don to let me re-audition. He did and I got the part!

Nothing is easy or regular in our business... but we are in it for the duration. I have enormous respect for actors and acting and I am proud to be part of a community that struggles to create life under imaginary circumstances and has the potential to change the 'real' world. Film is the new universal language, so let us tawc....

If elected I will continue to work to facilitate independent production, and work to make the independent production agreements more actor/user friendly and so that Toronto actors not only survive but THRIVE!

We are at a frontier of new connection to our audiences, marketing and distribution. New ideas, new ways and opportunities to make it happen and we are ready, because Toronto actors never stop working at our craft... and living the life of the actor, the life of the imagination!

Your fellow thespian,

Three fabulous days of workshops, panels, lunches, cocktails, film festival, Plenary...
I was involved in the following events:

Feb 18 - 9:00-12:00

Feb 18 - 3:15-5:00

Feb 19 - 3:00-5:00

Feb 20

ACTRA Awards
at the CARLU
(I selected and chaired the juries!)

Thanks to Satorie Shakoor for my Harold Award.
The alternative award from alternative theatre.

See my TIFF08 Guest Reporter blog at!

Mrs. Ranevsky in The Cherry Orchard
Centre For The Arts
Oct 2 2009

Collected Stories
Collected Stories


Theatre Passe Muraille
August 7-17, 2008


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