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The Bedside Alice
A novel - streaming consciousness c. 1972

Follow My Car
Goin' Down the Road Revisited
A Canadian Actor in Italy
The Lorraine Sinclair Story
My Russian Relatives


Husband Dwight McFee
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Talent Aaron Berg
Jason J. Brown
Director Anita Doron
Author Michael Mortensen
Wicked People Site
Photographer Dale M Reid
Glen Cram - Artist and Web Designer
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The Princess of Selkirk

The Birthday
Tea with Mother PC version
Tea with Mother

Collected Stories
Carlady and Bike girl PC version
Car Lady & Bike Girl

Letter To Liza

A Low Resolution Films | Herky Jerky Pictures Presentation
Producers: Michael Mortensen, Cayle Chernin
Writer: Michael Mortensen
Director: Jason J. Brown
Digital Design, Edit & Sound: Jason J. Brown
Composer: Gregory Lindo
Introducing: Lori Axler as Liza Macon
With: Dwight McFee as Reverend Macon
Synopsis: A young woman receives her father's
written response to her plea for haven.
This experimental drama places a live actor
into a computer-generated environment.

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